My List of Autumn Essentials for Bookworms

My List of Autumn Essentials for Bookworms | A Bookworm's Guide to Life

My List of Autumn Essentials for Bookworms | A Bookworm's Guide to LifeWhoop, whoop! I’m finally back! A lot’s been going on in my life. My family just moved to London and I’m heading back to school. But all this excitement won’t stop me from acknowledging my favourite season – Autumn! Not only is it the season I was born in (any halloween babies out there?), but it’s straight up the best season. So I’ve created a list of essentials to have this autumn!

1) Personalised Reading Spot Cushion

This cute reading cushion will personalise your reading nook this autumn and will make it feel much cosier.

2) LED Reading Lamp

Make sure your reading is well lit this autumn with this Brushed Nickel LED lamp. It’s practical and stylish and will make a great addition to your bedroom.

3) No. 22 Bookshelf Candle

This bookshelf candle will help you relax with its nostalgic comforting fragrance. The sweet smell and warm undertones of leather will create an tranquil atmosphere in your home.

4) Book Lovers Mug

This colourful bookish mug is perfect for you to curl up with some hot cocoa and enjoy the a good book. who says Autumn is just oranges and reds?

5) Personalised Leather Bookmark

This lovely leather bookmark will adorn your pages this season. The simple design, choice of Natural or Black, and genuine leather makes it the perfect thing to treat yourself with.

6) Wool Couture Diy Knit Kit Giant Chunky Blanket

This giant chunky knit blanket kit is perfect for beginners and will keep you warm well into winter. Combined with the fact it comes in a massive range of colours, it makes for a good investment.

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7) Pomegranate And Orange Mineral Bath Infusion

Another reason to pamper yourself with this 100% natural alternative to bath bombs! Just drop it into your bath and wait for it to dissolve. Stress and mess free. It detoxifies and relaxes.

8) Cotton Hedgehog Heart Ankle Socks, Pack of 2

These cozy socks will keep your footsies warm all autumn long. How can you resist those cute hedgehog faces?

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