Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers

Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers | A Bookworm’s Guide to Life

If any of you have any bloggers friends, then here’s a friendly gift guide  on what to get them from a fellow blogger.


Ok please call me biased or whatever but notebooks are insanely useful especially as a blogger. I use notebooks all the time to plan posts, brainstorming blog posts, and writing quick drafts.

Annual planner

This is a good gift for bloggers who do a lot of networking. They can keep track of all their guests posts, collaborations, and blogging events.


As a blogger, I tend to stay curled up in bed or blog on the go so it helps to own a sturdy mug or travel mug to keep drinks in (especially in winter!)

Phone accessories

Things like this smartphone camera lens or a new phone are nice gifts fro bloggers. I use my phone a lot for various things. For example, all the photos on my Instagram were taken by my phone.

Spa experience

Hear me out on this one. Blogging can be really stressful sometimes and we bloggers sometimes want a rest without actually going on a hiatus.

For bloggers out there, what’s on your Christmas wish list? Tell me in the comments down below!

Author: Tomi

Tomi is a book lover and the blogger behind A Bookworm’s Guide to Life which is a space for avid readers, creatives and all-round cool kids.

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