6 Do’s and Don’t’s of iPhone Photography

Let me tell you guys a secret. All the photos I take on my blog – all the ones on my Instagram – were taken by on iPhone.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos.

All you really need is a phone with a good camera (you can buy loads of different lenses for your phone online).

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Do take advantage of natural lighting

No one likes grainy photos. So please, for the love of God, don’t take your photos at night. Always take advantage of a sunny day – and if you can, try to plan your photo shoots around them. But don’t take your photos directly facing the sun.

Don’t forget to wipe your lens

Even I forget to do this from time to time. But it’s really important that you do because it makes a world of a difference. Try it now and you’ll see.

Do edit your photos

You may start off with a decent photo but you want a GREAT photo. I edit all my photos to get them just the way I want them. You could use you native photo editor but apps like VSCO and A Colour Story a really good and easy to use.

Don’t use flash

Every time you use flash, some book blogger on the internet loses her mind. There is never, ever an excuse to use flash. It’s looks tacky and makes people think you don’t bother to take good photos. So if you go use flash after reading this post, then I might just write you a wordy email on why you shouldn’t use flash.

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Do use the rule of thirds

Its definitely worth your time reading up on this. It will help you establish structure in your photos and centre what you need to centre.

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Don’t use zoom

It makes you photos look quite pixelated. So if you want to get a photo of something up close, then go up close! There are, of course, some exceptions since it’s not always possible to get close enough. Just try to avoid using it when you can.

Those are my tips for taking bangin’ photos with you phone! Do you take your photos with your phone or a proper camera? Which one do you think is better? Tell me in the comments!

Author: Tomi

Tomi is a book lover and the blogger behind A Bookworm’s Guide to Life which is a space for avid readers, creatives and all-round cool kids.

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