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This or That Christmas Edition | A Bookworm's Guide to Life

On the sixth day of Blogmas, my fave book blogger gave to me – this or that Christmas edition! Hello bookworms. Hope you’re enjoying the festive season so far. It’s getting quite cold in London here but that’s okay. Now onto the post!

1) Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas Day because its always super laid back and we spend the day lounging in our pyjamas, wearing Christmas jumpers, and opening presents!

2) Real tree or fake tree?

Well, we’ve only ever had a fake tree so fake tree I guess.

3) Tree ornaments or tree lights?

Why not both? 😃🎄

4) Going Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?

I really love singing and I haven’t watched that many Christmas movies so carolling.

5) Indoor decorations or outdoor decorations?

Indoor. I’m always paranoid someone will steal our wreath or something. (Does this actually happen??)

6) Santa or the elves?

Definitely the jolly fat man.

7) Eating the Christmas cookies or leaving them out for Santa?

Erm… yeah. I totally leave them out for Santa *shoves ten more cookies into mouth*.

8) Putting presents in front of the tree days in advance, or waiting until late Christmas Eve?

Well obviously days in advance – I need to take a look at this years Christmas stock to see which family members haven’t gotten me anything (looking at you Timi).

9) A white Christmas or a green Christmas?

Seeing as it hardly ever snows where I live, a white Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!

10) Going to church or volunteering at a soup kitchen?

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Going to church.

11) A religious Christmas or a festive Christmas?

Well for me, Christmas is a mixture of both.

12) Spending the holiday with your immediate family or your extended family?

I have a really big extended family so it probably wouldn’t even be possible to spend it with all of them.

13) Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate! ☕️

14) Spending Christmas with or without children?

Lol, I am children – and so’s my brother.

15) Giving or receiving?

I don’t know if it’s just the spirit of Christmas but I get a warm bubbly feeling every time someone enjoys a gift I give them.

Author: Tomi

Tomi is a book lover and the blogger behind A Bookworm’s Guide to Life which is a space for avid readers, creatives and all-round cool kids.

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